Publishing the history & culture 

of Southeastern New England • Since 1981

~ New ~

Paul Cuffe
His Purpose, Partners and Properties

David C. Cole Richard Gifford
Betty F. Slade Raymond C. Shaw

Under Sun

Stars and Sails
A Whaling Family’s Life at Sea

Marsha Hall Brown


An Anthology of New Poetry

Elizabeth Schultz


Kylan Rice

~ Local History / Documentary ~

A Picture History of

New Bedford

Volume Two - 1925-1980

Joseph D. Thomas

Alfred Saulniers

Natalie White

Marsha L. McCabe

Jay Avila

Branded on My Arm

and in My Soul

A Holocaust Memoir

Abraham Landau

Joseph D. Thomas

Marsha L. McCabe

Jay Avila





Daniel Georgianna


Roberta Hazen Aaronson

A Picture


History of


Joseph D. Thomas and Jay Avila

The Postcard Collaborators of Fairhaven

Spinner Volume V

People and Culture in Southeastern Massachusetts

A Picture


History of Marion


Pete Smith

~ Cape Cod / Nantucket ~

The Making of


Families Lives and Fortunes

In the Nineteenth Century

Everett U. Crosby


North Shore

A Neighborhood History

Frances Ruley Karttunen


Other Islanders

People who pulled Nantucket’s oars

Frances Ruley Karttunen

A Line

In the Sand

The Battle to Integrate

Nantucket Public Schools 1825-1847

Barbara Ann White


Of the Tide

The Cape Cod Heritage of Katherine Lee Bates

Leonard Miele

~ Biography / Maritime History / Adventure ~


& Melville

Anchored Together in Neighborly Style

Robert K. Wallace


A Picture Voyage

Herman Melville

Tamia Burt
Joseph D. Thomas

Marsha L. McCabe

Drifting Toward the Southeast

John Manjiro

Kawada Shoryo

Translation by

Junya Nagakumi and Junji Kitadai

~ Cookbooks ~

Cranberry Cooking

For All Seasons

Nancy Cappelloni

Out of the Earth

A Heritage Farm Coast Cookbook

Kerry Downey Romaniello

~ Memoirs / New England Life ~

Blue Collars

Catherine McLaughlin

Brick by Brick

A Woman’s Journey

Lynn Donohue

Pamela A. Hunt

Losing Jonathan

Robert Waxler & Linda Waxler

Courage to Walk

Robert Waxler

A Call to Save

The Memoir of a Fire Chaplain

Thomas J. Harrington

The Ed Letters

Memories of a New England Boyhood

Edwin Ashley

Cliff Ashley

Diane deManbey Duebber

Naming the Stones

Clara Stites

~ Poetry ~

Ocean Voices

An Anthology of Ocean Poems

Everett Hoagland

The Man Who Lived

Among the Cannibals

Poems in the voice of Herman Melville

Laurie Robertson-Lorant

Behind the Pictures I Hang

Ada Jill Schneider


Selected Poems

James Bobrick

~ Portuguese Language Curriculum ~

Marcia Matos

Sara Neto-Kalife

Bom Dia !

Level 1

Marcia Matos

Sara Neto-Kalife

Bom Dia !

Level 2

~ Films ~

Lincoln Park

Remembered 1894-1987

John K. Robson

Urban Cottage Gardens

Of the Portuguese Community

Donna Huse & Jim Sears

~ Coming Soon ~

Black Navigator

Paul Cuffe’s Atlantic World

Lamont D. Thomas

French New Bedford

An American Story: The Early Years

Alfred H. Saulniers


John K. Bullard

Publication Date: Fall 2023

Publication Date: Summer 2023

Publication Date: TBA