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Bom Dia! Level 2


by Marcia Matos & Sara Neto-Kalife

(Digital Download) • ISBN 978-0932027-88-1 • $30.00

The language lab audio component of our curriculum is a must-have in the classroom and for home learners. Students are offerd the opportunity to hear the correct pronunciation of the Portuguese language, thus enhancing their fluency skills. Students will get to practice writing, listening, and speaking skills through exercises in this high-quality oral component. The audio files come with a 40-page lab book that can be downloaded from this site.

Exercises include grammar, dialogue, geography, vocabulary, and more. The audio also works in conjunction with the student audio workbook and transparencies to create a multi-facet opportunity for learning. This is a vital tool in the classroom, as it will enhance student comprehension by allowing students to practice their fluency skills and hone in on their ability to listen to proper pronunciation of this beautiful language. The writing exercises further sharpen students’ grammar and writing skills. The audio files provide for a rich component that truly makes for a high-quality learning environment.

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