New Bedford Blubber Writers Workshop

How to Craft a Plot for Your Novel or Short Story

Laura Vaughn

      Laura Vaughan is a freelance writer, playwright, and author of two novels and a children’s book, which she also illustrated. Her novels Rabbits and Moons and Betting on Paradise are both examples of a fictional memoir. The children’s book, Andy Ant, What Could Possibly be on the Other Side to See? was put on as a play by the Children’s Circle Nursery School in Dartmouth, MA. It was also chosen by the Massachusetts Workers Union for their book of the year in 2002. For twenty one years, Vaughan was a high school teacher. She first taught history, then went on to teach English. As an English teacher, she taught a course on memoir writing. She discovered that even the most stubborn, disinterested students who disliked academics and especially writing, enjoyed putting pen to paper about their lives. “Everybody has a book in them, and that book is about who they are and the experiences that created them.” She has also been a newspaper reporter, an assistant editor for Adventure Magazine, associate producer for Interlock Media Associates (video documentaries) and has written and continues to write articles for magazines. Recently, The Cultural Park performed one of her plays at the Whaling Museum.

A plot is the design/plan of your story. It is the key events and establishes causes and consequences. Developing a sound plot for your book or short story is an imperative process to the writing craft. It is what creates the novel no one can put down.  By using the three questions: what, how and why? You will learn to create a plot that drives your book onto the bestseller list. This workshop is perfect for those who are stuck on how to move forward.

Workshop:  2.5 hours • 15 minute  break

Cost:  Free

Class Size: 10 People

Instructor:  Laura Vaughan

What to bring:  Laptop, Notebook, Pen or Pencil

Where:  Co-Creative Center  •  137 Union Street  •  New Bedford, MA 02740

When:  June 8, 6:00 to 8:30 pm  (Mondays)