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Golden Anniv. ~ 1986

Second Annual ~ 1985

First Annual ~ 1984

A Window Back

Photography in a Whaling Port

Nicholas Whitman

Softcover • ISBN 978-0932027-184 • Out of Print
Hardcover • ISBN 978-0932027-160 • Out of Print
176 pages • 10.5” x 9.5” • 180 Photographs • Pub. 1994

    New Englanders remember Lincoln Park in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, as a thrilling amusement park and a vibrant meeting place that served them for nearly 100 years. But it was so much more. From the clambake pavilion, to the roller-skating rink, to the sounds of the big bands in the great ballroom, Lincoln Park was a magical part of many lives. Friends met here. Romance blossomed here. Kids got their first jobs here. Today the memories are so vivid that a sound, a smell, a taste can bring back the magic and return us to a time when the world was young and Lincoln Park was our great adventure.

The story of Lincoln Park—its creation, development, heyday and demise—is a unique example of Americana that helps us to understand the importance of community-based recreational facilities, family-oriented entertainment, and the cultural importance of a meeting place serving people from diverse backgrounds. Patrons of Lincoln Park transcended divisions of class, ethnicity, race, gender and age. During its lifespan, Lincoln Park hosted company outings, crosstown elementary school picnics, marquee shows and musical performances, political rallies, intercity bowling leagues, and so much more. Its existence, and its loss, is typical of a greater nationwide trend that saw the dissolution of small amusement parks. Lincoln Park Remembered is a journey back to those unforgettable days and an important reminder of its value.

Lincoln Park Remembered contains hundreds of black & white and color photographs and scores of personal memories spanning nearly 100 years. The authors have presented the park’s history in a documentary style—artfully portraying its creation and development—combined with the drama and romance that marked its legendary life. Remember the great wooden roller coaster, the carousels, kiddie land, clam cakes and clam bakes, dancing, bowling, skating, the Fun House and the Penny Arcade. Remember Lincoln Park: “For the time of your life.”

    This unique portrait of New England’s yesterdays features vintage photographs from the New Bedford Whaling Museum collection. A Window Back recounts the history of photography in the New Bedford area between 1845 and 1920. It describes photographic processes and the cameras used, while painting an intimate portrait of a bygone era.

“Each photograph captures a moment of time,” writes author Nicholas Whitman, “an angle of light, an expression or gesture. Together, these brief glimpses represent and illuminate our past, giving us a window back on time.” A Window Back features daguerreotypes, cyanotypes and more. Through these images we see the transformation of an old New England town into a bustling industrial city. Sail aboard wooden ships pursuing whales; banquet with Hawaiians and nestle among Eskimos. Enjoy the regattas on Buzzards Bay; and experience the architectural, and pastoral grandeur of the Old Dartmouth region.


Lincoln Park Remembered


Edited by Joseph D. Thomas & Marsha L. McCabe

Hardcover • ISBN 0932027-504 • Out of Print
Softcover • ISBN 0932027-490 •
Out of Print
200 pages • 8.5” x 9.5” • 500 Photographs • Pub. 1999

Portuguese Spinner

An American Story

Edited by Joseph D. Thomas & Marsha L. McCabe

Softcover • ISBN 978-0932027-393 • Out of Print
Hardcover • ISBN 978-0932027-385 • Out of Print
288 pages • 8.5” x 11” • 400+ Photographs • Pub. 1998

Portuguese Spinner : An American Story is the first attempt to capture, in popular form, the saga of Portuguese migration and the people’s struggle to build a new life in America. This diverse collection includes oral history, folk tales, original literary contributions, scholarly reports and popular journalism. Hundreds of photographs portray the magnificent beauty of the islands and mainland, and take us into the many corners of American life where Luso Americans have left their mark.

Portuguese Spinner celebrates the influence of the Portuguese on the culture and landscape of southeastern New England, and recognizes their impact in the community, in the workplace, and in professional life. The book is separated into seven different sections: The Homeland; The New World; American Dreams; Neighborhood and Celebration; A Working Tradition; Of Whales and Fish;  and Working the Land. The reader can see the gardens of Portugal in bloom in urban New England yards, journey aboard ships in pursuit of whales and fish, enter Portuguese neighborhoods and celebrate at Portuguese feasts. This truly American story reads like a family album —brave, true, and from the heart—told by scholars, citizen historians, and by the people themselves.



People and Culture in Southeastern Massachusetts

Cranberry Harvest

A History of Cranberry Growing in Massachusetts

Edited by Joseph D. Thomas

Softcover • ISBN 978-0932027- • Out of Print
Hardcover • ISBN 978-0932027- • Out of Print
Published 1989

A Picture History
of Fairhaven

Edited by Marsha McCabe & Joseph D. Thomas

Hardcover • ISBN 978-0932027- • Out of Print
Published 1986

This City & Other Poems

Everett Hoagland

Paperback • ISBN 978-0932027- • Out of Print
pages • 5.5” x 8.5” • Pub. 1999

Miscellaneous Items

Julio J. Alves, Sr.
Scholarship Souvenir Booklet

Series of Three ~ Edited by Marsha L. McCabe & Joseph D. Thomas

First Annual
No ISBN • Out of Print
11” x 8.5” • Pub. 1984

Second Annual
No ISBN • Out of Print
11” x 8.5” • Pub. 1985

Golden Anniversary
No ISBN • Out of Print
11” x 8.5” • Pub. 1986

P.H.A.T. Magazine

by Delinquent Teenagers

No ISBN • Out of Print
Pub. 2000

Lincoln Park Ballroom
Souvenir Booklet

by Spinner Publications

No ISBN • Limited Supply
11” x 8.5” • Pub. 2001

Not Just Anywhere

The Story of WHALE and the Rescue of New Bedford's Waterfront District

Marsha McCabe & Joseph D. Thomas

Softcover • ISBN 978-0932027-283 • Out of Print

Hardcover • ISBN 978-0932027-290 • Out of Print

128 pages • 10.5” x 8.5” • 200 Photographs & Illustrations • Pub. 1995

    Picture the "Whaling City" in the days of Melville's Moby Dick: busy streets lined with shops and counting houses; docks bursting with the activities of whalers. New Bedford is the setting and Not Just Anywhere is the triumphant story of the preservation of this rich slice of New England history.

    Not Just Anywhere is the story of an intrepid group of people who took on the task of preserving a valuable part of American history and brought New Bedford, Massachusetts - the "Whaling City" - back from the brink of decay and destruction.

    Fascinating reading for anyone interested in historic preservation, architecture, urban studies, or regional history, Not Just Anywhere looks at one of the most challenging restoration projects ever attempted in New England--the creation of a living, working museum in the city streets. Readers will learn how individuals and an organization called WHALE banded together during the onslaught of urban renewal and inner city demolition to stop the bulldozers and preserve a city's unique architectural identity and history.


Volume IV ~ Edited by Marsha L. McCabe &
Joseph D. Thomas • Pub. 1988

Softcover • ISBN 978-0932027-092 • Out of Print
Hardcover • ISBN 978-0932027-091 • Out of Print
234 pages • 11” x 8.5” • 200+ Photographs

Volume III ~ Edited by Donna Huse • Pub. 1984

Softcover • ISBN 978-0932027- • Out of Print
Hardcover • ISBN 978-0932027- • Out of Print
196 pages • 11” x 8.5” • 150+ Photographs

Volume II  ~ Edited by Donna HusePub. 1982

Softcover • ISBN 978-0932027- • Out of Print
Hardcover • ISBN 978-0932027- • Out of Print
135 pages • 11” x 8.5” • 100+ Photographs

Volume I ~ Edited by Donna HusePub. 1981

Softcover • ISBN 978-0932027- • Out of Print
Hardcover • ISBN 978-0932027- • Out of Print
128 pages • 11” x 8.5” • 100+ Photographs

Available as an eBook.

   This City and Other Poems holds special interest for poetry buffs; readers of
African-American literature; and residents of southeastern Massachusetts. Everett Hoagland, poet laureate emeritus of New Bedford, Massachusetts, an inspiring UMass Dartmouth professor and inspired poet, has collected the poems most requested at regional poetry readings into one slender volume. These poems' subjects are the people, places, and things associated with the city of New Bedford and with events of national and world significance.

    Everett Hoagland was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. In 1973 he joined the English Department of the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth, MA (formerly Southeastern Massachusetts University), Professor Hoagland has since then taught poetry writing and the literatures of the African Diaspora. In 1994 the Mayor of New Bedford officially designated Hoagland Poet Laureate of that city.