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Bom Dia! – Level 1

Portuguese Language Textbook

Bom Dia! – Level 2

Portuguese Language Textbook

The Ed Letter

Memories of a New England Boyhood

Naming The Stones


Selected Poems

A Call to Save

The Memoir of a Fire Chaplain

Drifting Toward the Southeast

The Story of Five
Japanese Castaways

Brick by Brick

A Woman’s Journey

Losing Jonathan

Douglass & Melville

Anchored Together in
Neighborly Style


A Picture Voyage

The Man Who Lived
Among the Cannibals

Poems in the Voice of Herman Melville

The Other Islanders

People Who Pulled Nantucket’s Oars

Behind the Pictures
I Hang

Voice of  The Tide

The Cape Cod Heritage
of Katharine Lee Bates

A Picture Postcard History of Marion Massachusetts

A Picture Postcard History of Fairhaven Massachusetts

Out Of The Earth

A Heritage Farm Coast Cookbook

A Line in the Sand

The Battle to Integrate Nantucket Public Schools 1825-1847

Courage to Walk

Lincoln Park
Remembered • 1894-1987

Urban Cottage Gardens

of the Portuguese Community

Cranberry Cooking
For All Seasons

Ocean Voices

An Anthology of Ocean Poems

Nantucket’s North Shore

A Neighborhood History

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Black Navigator

Paul Cuffe’s America and the Atlantic World

Publication Date: 2019

Blue Collars

Spinner Volume 5

People and Culture in
Southeastern Massachusetts

The Strike ’28

A Picture History of New Bedford

Volume 1 – 1602-1925

Branded on My Arm
and in My Soul

A Holocaust Memoir

A Picture History of New Bedford

Volume 2 – 1925-1980

• Local History / Documentary •

The Making of Nantucket

Family Lives and Fortunes
in the Nineteenth Century 

Under Sun, Stars and Sails

A Whaling Family’s Life at Sea

Publication Date: June 2019

After Moby-Dick

An Anthology of New Poetry