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    Welcome to New Bedford, Massachusetts—a city on the Acushnet River and Buzzards Bay, continually rising and falling with the American story.

    In the first extensive city history to be published in decades, A Picture History of New Bedford in two volumes captures the city’s journey with hundreds of photographs and stories.

    In this first volume, spanning the 1600s to 1925, Spinner Publications traces New Bedford’s story from native Wampanoag hunting ground, straight-laced Quaker enclave and world-class whaling powerhouse to Underground Railroad stronghold, prolific textile center and fledgling fishing port.

    Flip through these pages and find the stories of significant events about the founding of New Bedford, industrialization, war and economic development as well as tales of personal downfalls and triumphs. Read about the native Wampanoag, early settlers, King Philip’s War, African American contributions and the Underground Railroad. Witness the waves of immigrants—English, Portuguese, French Canadian, Irish, Italian, Cape Verdean, Polish, Jewish and others—who shaped the character and culture of the city’s architecture, recreation, industry, religions, artwork, politics, literature, language, cuisine and song.

    Watch New Bedford as it rises to world leader of whaling and textiles. See the ships that brought home the riches. Step inside the mansions on the hill. Enter the workplaces of craftsmen and mill operatives. Listen to the church bell warn of slave catchers. Fight a fire with a hand pump engine. Witness the rowdy Ark Riots. Discover the historical basis of public school issues. Relive the controversy of naked Narcissus, the widening of Purchase Street and the rhythm of Lincoln’s lecture. Send off the troops, and welcome them home. Ride along at the horse races, and take a trip on the first ferry, trolley and railroad.

Travel back with us and experience New Bedford.

Softcover with sewn binding • isbn 978-0932027-214
320 pages  •  9” x 11”  •  700+ photos


A Picture History of New Bedford

Volume One — 1602~1925


  2. Ansel Gurney House - Rochester

  3. Bedford Merchant - New Bedford

  4. Big Value Outlet - Dartmouth

  5. Bourassa Hardware - New Bedford

  6. Brookline Booksmith

  7. Bunch of Grapes - Vineyard Haven

  8. Edgartown Books

  9. Euro Phoenix - Fairhaven

  10. Fairfield Inn & Suites Marriott - New Bedford

  11. Fairhaven Lumber Company

  12. Farm & Coast Market - Dartmouth

  13. Fort Taber Military Museum - New Bedford

  14. Gotta Have It! - Fairhaven

  1. Hawthorn Florist & Gift Shop - New Bedford

  2. Mitchell's Book Corner - Nantucket

  3. Moby Dick Retail - New Bedford

  4. New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center

  5. New Bedford Whaling Museum

  6. Newsbreak, Inc. - Swansea / New Bedford

  7. Orchard Street Manor - New Bedford

  8. Parnassus Book Service - Yarmouth

  9. Partners Village Store - Westport

  10. Rotch-Jones-Duff Museum - New Bedford

  11. Seastreak Fast Ferry - New Bedford

  12. Spinner Publications - New Bedford

  13. Symphony Music Shop - Dartmouth

  14. Town Wharf General Store - Mattapoisett

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